"I was thinking of giving up singing for a few months. A friend gave me her ticket to watch your master class and I saw you (and Bernadette Peters) and I was inspired. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for reigniting my passion for singing. Your passion is infectious."

Michael Camit, Sydney, Australia

The First Lesson
Your first lesson with Adrienne is really a diagnostic one. You will sing various vocalises to determine how you negotiate the changes in registration, what your vocal range is (this will improve with time!), and, in general, what you have to work on to improve your vocal quality, stamina, and flexibility. In addition, it is very important that both teacher and student feel as though they can work together in the sometimes difficult process that leads to healthy singing. Interested? Contact her to schedule your first lesson. Please note, Adrienne does not teach children.

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We sometimes think of singing as much harder than it is. We add a lot of tension and effort that inhibits the quality and range of the voice, and can even lead to damaging it. Adrienne has categorized some of these problems into The Seven Deadly Sins.

Poor Posture
Noisy Inhalations
Jaw & Tongue Tension
Glottal Attacks (a harsh clicking attack on words which begin with vowels)
Carrying the chest voice too high
Making the high note of a phrase louder than the rest of the phrase
Lack of vibrato


Adrienne LOVES to travel Down Under. She has taught master classes in Australia!

Check out these videos:
Australia Masterclass Promo
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Australian Stage

Adrienne has many Japanese students who come to the US to study with her. She also goes to Tokyo regularly for master classes and private lessons.
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