What Every Singer Needs to Know About the Body by Malde, Allen, Zeller
For the dedicated student who wants to know how the body and vocal mechanism work together, it clarifies much of the mystery relating to singing technique and terminology. Lots of myth-busting here.

Everyday Voice Care by Joanna Cazden
A lifestyle guide for singers and talkers, this book provides heavy voice users with current information on how to maintain their vocal health. It discusses food, drink, rest, treating colds, hoarseness, alternative medicine, speech therapy, drugs, partying. Comprehensive!

Freeing the Natural Voice by Kristin Linklater
A book on speech by a noted teacher, it is filled with information and exercises equally applicable to the singing voice. Particularly helpful is the explanation on use of the resonators and how to access them for optimal voice production. A MUST for every singing actor!

Dynamics of the Singing Voice by Meribeth Bunch
A book on the physiology of the voice and general information on healthful proper singing.

Discover Your Voice: How to Develop Healthy Voice Habits by Oren L. Brown
This book is geared to classical singing, but it contains so much information about healthy vocal production written in understandable terms that it's worth having in your library. Includes a compact disc.

There is theater music out there prior to Les Mis and Andrew Lloyd Webber! To get an education and to find audition material that isn't done to death, try listening to the original cast recordings of these shows, to name a few. They cover a wide range of styles with which you should be acquainted.

110 In the Shade
Dear World
She Loves Me
Plain & Fancy
Wonderful Town
Starting Here, Starting Now
Finian's Rainbow
Mack & Mabel
Me and Juliet
The Most Happy Fella
Big River

Sheet Music Plus
Great resources for singers including sheet music, CDs, and books.

New York Singing Teachers Association
A source for teacher referrals, educational lectures, and musical events including an annual "16 bar" clinic geared to musical theater.

Cher's Official Website
Bernadette Peter's Website

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